About Us

ATL Cigar Company is committed to bringing people together around a shared premium cigar experience. With unique blends developed in partnership with leading tobacco farms and factories, we believe the country's greatest cigar city deserves its own line of great cigars.  

We are a diverse company with a shared passion for quality, a reflection of the city and cigar community we love.  Our vision is a connected Atlanta: connected with its history, toward its future, and to each other.

In these days of division, we want to be a force for uniting our city. ATL Cigar Company is for all of Atlanta: Old Atlanta with its rich tobacco tradition, New Atlanta and its music and media empire.  West Atlanta vibe meets East Atlanta highbrow.  White Atlanta, Black Atlanta and Latinx Atlanta.  ITP and OTP.  Bankhead and Buckhead. Atlantans who've smoked everything and those who are lighting up for the first time.  No matter who you are, a great cigar is a reason to celebrate the ATL, and to get to know a part of the city you may not have encountered before.

Thank you for visiting our online store where you can find ATL Cigar Co branded swag, merchandise and, of course, cigars.